Swaine Street Woodworking began in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I bought an older home on Swaine Street, next door to the one my father grew up in. The house needed a lot of work, especially since nature has a habit of finding its way indoors. The process of fixing up the house and transforming it into a home set me on the path to a career in woodworking.  

My philosophy, in the home and as an artisan, is to be resourceful: a few carefully chosen items made with care can last a lifetime. There are many pieces in my home—bowls and utensils I use every day—that have been in my family for generations. That’s what got me thinking about craftsmanship. Swaine Street Woodworking is about making objects that are useful and beautiful right now, and will be useful and beautiful a hundred years from now. 

Our cutting boards are so much more than a kitchen tool. They’re about the enjoyment of preparing a good meal, friendly gatherings, kitchen parties, and sharing stories. 

Made with care to last a lifetime